Tom Brumfeld

With over 40 years of landscape construction experience, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and passion to the industry.

While in school, obtaining a degree in ornamental horticulture from The Ohio State University, he began his career through an internship in Williamsburg, Virginia with a landscape contractor. In 1994 Tom founded Siteworks. Having grown up in a household where both parents worked in the field of psychology, Tom understands people, both employees and customers, and what is required to maneuver through the complicated encounters that often exists. 

The most important task he faces at Siteworks is the continual challenge of presenting to his staff the perspectives of both the Client and Landscape Architect. Being an Owner, Tom lives his work. He enjoys managing the company and derives pleasure from hearing positive feedback from his Clients, Landscape Architects and General Contractors.

When he’s not at work he enjoys being an enthusiastic weekend orchardist, a lifelong birder and apprentice fly fisherman. 

Being skilled at a craft is important, which we are, but providing an unmatched level of service is my goal.
— Tom Brumfield