Grant Hatfield

Scott began his career in the vast “landscape” field at the age of six, insulating copper waterlines in the family home’s crawl space. While this is certainly a humble beginning within the field, his passion for landscapes eventually led him outside where we worked part time installing gardens while attending university at UC Davis. He would ultimately receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Environmental Horticulture, Landscape Restoration and Soil Science.

Following graduation he worked full time in landscape construction both building and designing landscapes and gaining experience and expanding his knowledge base through a multi-faceted perspective of landscape construction.

Scott joined the Siteworks team in 2016. One of Scott’s greatest strengths is his ability to bridge the gap that often exists between landscape architects, homeowners and the construction crew making projects (and the overall experience) run more smoothly. Scott operates daily under the mantra that quality means doing things right when no one is looking and he approaches each job as he would if he was building at his own home.

Outside of work Scott is an avid golfer and also plays goalie in futsal (a version of indoor soccer). Additionally, he enjoys gardening, hiking and camping, travel, snowboarding and classic video games.